How would I have been taken seriously? Or even got into the room? Antonio Olmos for the Observer In the opening scene of the new film Mudbound, two bedraggled white men are digging a hole, ominous storm clouds overhead. When they realise the coffin will be too heavy for them to lower in, they stop a black family, passing by in a horse and trap. Only a few words are spoken, but the looks they exchange make it clear that there is history between these two families. The film is actually set in the s in the Mississippi delta, but the scene could have taken place a century earlier or even, to a degree, shockingly recently. Even when I was growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, as a suburban middle-class kid in a poor white suburb, we were the only black family on the block and there were confederate flags as curtains. Growing up in the s, which we think of as contemporary, I was bussed to school because a lot of the public schools in Nashville were still segregated. This was in the 80s! The story, adapted from the novel by Hillary Jordan, follows two families:

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Kirsten Dunst Jesse Plemons The couple, who’ve been dating since May , are reportedly set to be married. And the energetic approach helps bring out several layers in Armstrong’s perspective, exploring why a top sportsman would cheat to win. It also features a steely performance from Ben Foster that captures Armstrong’s physicality and personality, but not in the usual ways.

When he was 25, Armstrong Foster was already a star, but his career was cut short in by advanced testicular cancer.

In fact, Oldman smoked so many cigars in character as Churchill that it ended up taking quite an extreme toll.

If you need to watch any of these movies or TV shows before they head off the platform, you’d better start binging. But if you need some fresh recommendations instead, check out these recently added options; there’s one for every mood. If you’ve never seen the belly-laughing comedy, check it out! And if you’ve watched it before, it never hurts to revisit a classic. It was released in December and is one of the platform’s trending releases.

If you’re in for a thrill and some chills , this is the film for you. The movie is set in the late s and s as fear looms over the city of San Francisco as “Zodiac” serial killer stalks its residents.

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Amy Schumer and Haley Bennett are also featured in the cast. Written by the Coen brothers, the Paramount title takes place in a quiet family neighborhood filled with larger-than-life characters who are all rattled by a suspicious home invasion. It is based on a true story of a couple in Levittown, Pennsylvania, in the s. During that controversial period, over 90, nuns left their orders for a variety of reasons.

K headquarters is destroyed, and seek help from their U.

Friday 15 December On Thursday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the shortlist for best foreign-language film, whittling down the 92 submitted movies to just nine. In this darkly comic drama, a mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter’s murder, when they fail to catch the culprit. A young man named Elio, living in Italy during the s, meets Oliver, an academic who has come to stay at his parents’ villa, and a passionate relationship develops between them, as they bond over their sexuality, their Jewish heritage, and the landscape.

Sony Pictures Classics Director: Under air and ground cover from British and French forces, troops were slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. At the end of this heroic mission, , French, British, Belgian and Dutch soldiers were safely evacuated. This horror drama follows a young interracial couple who visit the girl’s parents only for her boyfriend to uncover a conspiracy whereby young black adults are being captured.

A man and his wife join a community of miniaturized people after undergoing a process to shrink themselves.

5 Things to Know About Taylor Swift’s Rumored New Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

As a home for the film, Netflix does make sense, because watching it sometimes feels like binge-watching four back-to-back episodes of something. The recurring images in her film are of wagon transport, and also a coffin being carried out into a muddy grave, after a great downpour adding to the overall sum of hardship. Well, all but one: Their eldest son Ronsel Jason Mitchell leaves them to command a tank division during World War Two, while Jamie takes to the skies as an airman: Blige complete the sextet, as a couple quietly enduring far worse deprivations than their white counterparts.

Her film resorts to jolting cuts from the sodden brown cotton fields to the bloodshed over Europe, as we take in the tours of Jamie and Ronsel in a too-abbreviated, merely illustrative way.

The film is a savvy update of old school tales about European explorers, creating a portrait of grandiose drive, and the fading decay of Victorian glory and ambition as it withers before the dawn of modernization and, eventually, the First World War.

She has a younger brother named Christian Dunst , born in Her father is German, from Hamburg, and her mother, who is American, is of German and Swedish descent. Her career began at the age of 3 when she started modeling and appearing in commercials. She made her feature film debut with an uncredited role at age 6 in the ‘Oedipus Wrecks’ segment of Woody Allen ‘s film New York Stories She received her first film credit in The Bonfire of the Vanities Her family moved to Los Angeles in , where her film career took off.

In , she made her breakthrough performance in Interview with the Vampire: Over the next few years, she made a string of hit movies including Little Women , Jumanji and Small Soldiers In , she received rave reviews for her role as “Lux Lisbon” in Sofia Coppola ‘s independent film, The Virgin Suicides and proved her status as a leading actress in the comedy hit, Bring It On She continued her role in Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 3 She went on to land roles in such films as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind , the romantic comedy Wimbledon , and in Cameron Crowe ‘s Elizabethtown

Gary Oldman got nicotine poisoning playing Winston Churchill in new film Darkest Hour

Trump criticised for protectionism even before arriving at Davos Gary Oldman is unrecognisable in new film Darkest Hour , a biopic in which the British actor plays Winston Churchill in a performance that’s placed him at the forefront of the coming awards season’s Best Actor race. Oldman’s dedication to the tole was commendable spending more than hours in the makeup chair for a shoot which lasted 58 days to transform into the cigar-smoking PM.

In fact, Oldman smoked so many cigars in character as Churchill that it ended up taking quite an extreme toll.

Andy Muschietti directs the Warner Bros.

Not just for reasons of its violence either, rather that there are very nasty people involved in very nasty things and saying very nasty sentences. Craig Zahler is an astonishing voice in American cinema. He channels exploitation cinema in a way nobody is doing right now, fusing it in this case into a sometimes disturbing, ultimately gripping and human modern day B-movie. The true brothers and sisters of the bet will tell you poker is a game of skill, not chance.

After all, he treats his screenwriting like the highest staked ante this side of Monte Carlo. And her name is Jessica Chastain. Like Mother herself, there is no escape from the terrifying, frustrating dream-logic of this horrifying maybe-dream world. This most famous of stories is Mother’s now, too, and that, in itself, is a subversion worthy of this effectively disturbing cinematic experience.

Percival Fawcett Charlie Hunnam , an ambitious member of the last guard of English explorers in the 20th century who memorably tracked a mythical ruin in the midst of the Amazon. The film is a savvy update of old school tales about European explorers, creating a portrait of grandiose drive, and the fading decay of Victorian glory and ambition as it withers before the dawn of modernization and, eventually, the First World War.

Video of Split Official Trailer 1 – M. Night Shyamalan Movie Split Our review: Night Shyamalan, master of the twisty high-concept thriller, seemed to have lost his way for a while there. For like other demigod mythos, Caesar and his civilization of apes will spend an awful lot of time in the underworld—a realm of man that sees the eponymous conflict as a war of attrition.

5 Things to Know About Taylor Swift’s Rumored New Boyfriend, Joe Alwyn

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Mudbound review: brutal race relations drama is well worth wading through

Friday 15 December

MUDBOUND: Jason Mitchell & Garrett Hedlund want to make us cry