This also brought him in contact with the local members of the New Age movement. In , he experienced neurological symptoms impression of a presence, momentary paralysis of lower extremities, auditory hallucination , facial sensations that he interpreted as spirits trying to contact him. He left the party in and was formally banned from it in , with the Greens calling his views ” fascist “. These stooges are in turn controlled by the usual suspects: All of these groups are merely the puppets of “the global elite ,” which are controlled by “the prison wardens. Partially ripping off Zecharia Sitchin , he claims these aliens are the Anunnaki and that they have interbred with humans throughout history. Much of the “evidence” of reptoids Icke’s worshipers put forth are pictures of world leaders with enlarged pupils or red eye — the everyday kind of red eye in which camera flashes illuminate retinas. This supposedly signifies that the reptoids have momentarily lapsed in their shape-shifting. Reasonable speculation about the source of his space-lizard theory may point to the s British progressive rock album Lizard by King Crimson ; the album features metaphorical references to lizards as politico-religious enemies of a “Prince Rupert” in the song “Lizard”.

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Friday 22 September Shutterstock You’re wearing your favourite Nike sneakers and Lululemon pants when you head to the mall to do some shopping at the Gap. On your way there you grab a latte at Starbucks.

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The duo have made an impressive number of investments over the last year given their limited bandwidth, with money going to fintech startup CurrencyCloud in March and personalised book startup Wonderbly in July. ASOS has been growing consistently over the past few years, and it’s just about to achieve a milestone: In a recent speech to tech lobbyists , Hancock said tech giants like Facebook and Google need to take more responsibility for their actions — though whether this means more powers to regulators isn’t clear yet.

With Brexit looming, Hancock has a tricky job: Keeping the tech giants in line while also making sure their business stays in the UK. Kadhim Shubber, journalism’s unicorn killer The Financial Times As the media obsesses over rock’n’roll entrepreneurs and valuations, Shubber has ignored the hype and taken apart several celebrated startups with surgical precision. He questioned adtech company Ve Interactive’s strange allergy to venture capital funding and his scepticism was vindicated when its CEO stepped down and the company went into administration.

Now, Atherton is the CEO and founder of Zyper, a startup that hopes to turn people into “an army of micro affiliates.

100 of the most exciting startups in New York City

Serena is one of the most successful sports stars ever and earned millions in a career where she has dominated the game. But she has met her match in her tech entrepreneur partner Alexis Ohanian after they met by chance in Since then they have got engaged, welcomed daughter Alexis junior, and made their union official in an extravagant wedding with Beauty and the Beast theme, Italian food and a carousel.

Who is Serena Williams’ husband Alexis Ohanian? Alexis Ohanian is a year-old tech whizz and author.

He also has been flirting with Holocaust denial , [10] but in Icke’s case it’s less likely a sign of anti-Semitism than yet another manifestation of all-round insanity.

If you are a plus size or fat person, you know how difficult it is to date. Tinder is notorious for its users fat shaming , and this video shows how people react to their real-life dates being bigger than what they expected. It was that video that inspired WooPlus , an app exclusively for the plus size dating community. There are several websites dedicated to plus size or fat dating, but most cater to feederism and especially the fetishization of fat people.

However, this app is different. Some hater body-shamed an unsuspecting woman on the London Tube As a plus size person, the only issue I’ve had with dating is falling for the absolute wrong people, but that’s an entirely different post and possible therapy session. However, I was told by society that I would never find love because of my size and that I was not deserving of love because of my body, a concept that many fat or plus size people are familiar with.

I downloaded the app and gave it a try. I started off with a very closed mind; I expected this to be yet another fat fetish dating site. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Cofounder Michelle Li says it’s no mistake the model is similar to Tinder. First, you can only like a few people a day, unless you invite friends to join the app, an obvious attempt at getting more users. WooPlus Second, if you don’t interact with the user within 48 hours of you both mutually liking each other, the “like” disappears and you lose your opportunity to talk to them, a feature that prevents endless “likes” with no contact.

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But do you have any idea what their names actually mean?

Dollar in a daze as China stocks suffer Dollar in a daze as China stocks suffer The dollar was on the defensive Thursday after suffering its worst drubbing in five months while bonds celebrated a comeback. More videos Amazon discounts to compete with Wal-Mart Amazon is cutting prices of products from third-party sellers on its website, moving beyond its more typical method of discounts on items it sells directly, in an effort to take on Wal-Mart.

Related Articles Internet hasn’t killed retail and it won’t, says mall chairman “We have had a few international retailers participate with Click Frenzy in the past but overwhelmingly Australian shoppers prefer shopping with Australian retail brands. Advertisement Mr Arnott said Australian retailers still had some work to do to become “Amazon ready”, with bricks and mortar retailers needing to offer better options though click-and-collect services and by allowing online items to be returned in stores.

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Xavier is also the founder and president of Hello Tomorrow, a global non-profit organization, operating in 45 countries, which goal is to accelerate the development of deeptech startups that transform disruptive scientific technologies into products or services to solve societal and industrial challenges. Marie Ekeland Marie Ekeland Marie Ekeland is co-founder of daphni, a venture capital firm which invests in European tech startups and is supported by an online platform and an international community of experts.

She began her career in at J. Morgan in New York as a computer scientist. She serves as a board member for Parrot, Showroomprive. Marie holds an engineering degree in mathematics and computer science from Paris Dauphine University as well as a master’s degree in Economics from the Paris School of Economics.

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What you may not be prepared for is the horror show of the admissions process. From drafting a personal statement that shows off your subject knowledge, to prepping for the famously tough interviews, the application experience can be gruelling. Do your research Lucy Stewardson applied to Clare College at Cambridge in and is now a third-year English literature student at the University of Exeter. I had an opinion about The Book Thief as a whole. About the use of colour, though, not so much.

Do your research and explore the city between interviews to try and develop an appreciation of what it might be like to live there. After being pooled and receiving an offer from Lady Margaret Hall, he now studies history and politics at the University of Exeter and is currently on a year abroad in Paris. Seek as much help as you can.

Identify in yourself your interesting academic characteristics and play to them in the application, aptitude tests, and interview. I think I learned to chill out a bit more and not place so much worth on my own academic achievement.

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Who is Alexis Ohanian? We’ve got the lowdown Alexis Ohanian, 33, is a tech entrepreneur and best-selling author from the US. Alexis went to school in Ellicot City, Maryland, before graduating from the University of Virginia in with degrees in commerce and history. He’s most famous for co-founding social news website Reddit.

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Malcolm Young in London and AP He urged the band to continue touring and making music. When Malcolm was 10 the family migrated to Australia, settling into a single- storey semi at 4 Burleigh Street, Burwood, in Sydney’s inner west. The house is now on the National Trust register. Music ran through the six siblings: The Young home was sometimes besieged by young female fans, and Malcolm and Angus soon decided that they, too, wanted to enter the music industry.

100 of the most exciting startups in New York City

His family later moved to East Los Angeles, California, where he spent his formative years in the barrio. Crime and violence were common place back in the day, so it is inevitable that almost everyone living in that rough part of the neighborhood would learn how to stand up for themselves at a young age. Dan’s father, Manuel, was a police officer who didn’t tolerate any nonsense from his kids; he believed in tough love and tough love is exactly what Dan received.

When Dan acted up and was repeatedly jailed for various alcoholic incidents, Dan’s father let him sit in jail…after he told his police force friends to beat Dan.

The rest of the band travelled to the Bahamas to regroup, recover and record Back In Black.

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Abacus helps businesses intelligently manage their employee expenses using data and behavior analysis to make recommendations, as well as automate expense creation and approval. Using heuristics, expenses are curated to help administrators focus on anomalies and high priority items, while processing next-day reimbursements, enforcing company expense policy, reconciling corporate cards, and syncing with accounting software.

Abacus is partnering with companies like Salesforce, Slack, and Lever so that busy finance teams have a smarter way to manage business expenses. Saskia Uppenkamp Big Data 35 employees Funding undisclosed Every business leader should be asking themselves: For too long, the answer to this question has been no. ActionIQ is changing that with its world class Marketing Activation Platform, dedicated to giving marketers and analysts freedom and speed.

In , he announced that the opening ceremony of the London games was a Satanic ritual designed to harness negative energy , and that “The Olympic Stadium is strategically placed on the earth-energy grid to tap into the immense London and British power centres and this is why Glastonbury Tor, one of the most significant earth-vortex points in the UK, is a centrepiece of the opening ceremony.

Contact ALSO is a three person design company located in two cities. John Baldessari was born in National City, California. Marian Bantjes is a designer, typographer, writer and illustrator working internationally from her base on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. She is a member of Alliance Graphique Internationale AGI , and regularly speaks about her work and thoughts at conferences and events worldwide.

He works with both mass-market and antique found porcelain figurines, cutting up and exchanging elements or adding to them and repainting them, to create sculptures which are often sinister and sardonic but invariably humorous. Darren Booth is an illustrator and typographer based in Canada. After receiving his formal art education from Sheridan College, he worked several years at a day job before leaving to pursue his freelance career full-time. The five intervening books have more expansive titles.

He lives and works in London. Her work comprises identity, book design, packaging and custom publishing. Ingrid Burrington is an artist living in the mid-Atlantic region of America, working with people and words. She has been making work about consumption since , teaching since and drawing until her hand cramps since What Did You Buy Today?

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